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Beware the Tender Trap: EHR Auto Populating Fields

The keys to providing excellent health care are the same, whether you are using paper or electronic records. First you determine why the patient is in the office and then you customize your case history and physical examination to match those needs. The questions you ask and the tests you do and what you record in the patient’s file for the day are all related to the reason for visit. Some electronic records provide the opportunity to mark lots of fields automatically, possibly filling all of fields in the history and examination before the patient arrives in the office, based on data from a previous visit. Convenient? Sure. Problematic? Maybe. The best way to enter data in a patient’s record is as it is being gathered…Not before and not after, to be sure that nothing is left out and that no fields include information on questions that were not asked or on tests that were not done at the visit.


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